3 Good (and Free) Home Repair Cost Websites

In today’s post, I’m going to share the three best free home repair cost websites that I’ve found with you.  All of these sites allow you to generate cost estimates for specific projects (e.g. roof replacement) based on your measurements and your zip codes.  The results I got experimenting with them for the most part seemed reasonable although a few of the results skewed toward the high side.

Here’s the breakdown:

homewyse:  this site is very easy to navigate and use.  The home page layout allows easy selection of the repair you want a cost estimate for.  The interface also works very well on tablets.   The number of repairs included is astounding – there are almost too many choices.  For example, 12 different types of doors appear in the garage door drop down.  This is a great site for looking up the cost of an unusual repair that you don’t run into very often or for estimating a small project.  It allows for fine tuning your estimate based on the exact specifications of your project.  It might prove challenging though putting a whole house estimate together due to the number of choices you have to wade through.

remodelingcalculator.org:  this site is more basic than homewyse.  It too is pretty easy to navigate, but isn’t laid out quite as logically so its a little harder to find exactly what you are looking for.  All the major repairs are included and you’ll be able to generate high level estimates for major renovation projects like window or siding replacement very quickly using remodelingcalculator.org.   I couldn’t get a few of the calculators to work (including the renovation cost calculator on the home page) but most worked well and generated reasonable results.

remodelingexpense.com:  the layout of remodelingexpense.com is much like homewyse – very straightforward.  It’s easy to find the repair that you’re looking for, but like homewyse the number of choices is a little overwhelming.  Still remodelingexpense.com’s simple interfaces make it a very useful tool that outputs costs adjusted for your area.  The repairs I looked at required input of only zip code and 1 measurement to create a Basic, Better and Best range of cost estimates.  Very useful when evaluating contractor bids.  Well suited for tablet use too.

There you have it, 3 ways to find home repair costs adjusted for your area quickly.  If you know of or use other home repair cost sites, please shoot me a quick note and tell me about it so that I can share it with my visitors.


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